Venus in Fur

1hr. 45min.


Venus in Fur

This is a play with an clever & interesting premise, played out superbly by two excellent actors. Vanda is especially talented with her rapid changes of character and transitions between the play and the play within the play. If I had a gripe I would say that the script could do with a bit of editing, it is about ten minutes too long. The interest in the characaters and subject matter wanes a bit towards the end and a snappier ending would improve the play a lot. Another comment is that the theater does rather pack people in especially around the sides at full price with views which sometimes obscure the action and even mask the dialogue. I am sure that every theater needs to milk successful productions for revenue but they should be careful not to overdo it which I think Classic Stages came close to doing. It was, however, all in all, not an unenjoyable afternoon


Excellent play. I highly recommend it.

Run, don't walk to see it!!

The acting is superb, there are plenty of surprises, and the subject matter is titillating, to say the least.

Venus in Fur

Acting excellent but script too long and repititious

Venus in Fur

WOW! This is one of the best plays Ive seen in years. Original, gripping, mindteasing and with superlative acting. l havent stopped thinking about it and plan to see it again so that I can decipher more of its subtleties.


This is a breathtaking and sizzling production of a ripping new play. And where on earth did you find the brilliant Nina Arianda, Mr. Bobbie? She is a reminder of a young Elizabeth Marvel, and this is meant as high praise indeed.