Unnatural Acts: Harvard's Secret Court of 1920



Unnaturally wonderful ensemble

Anyone who has ever experienced the joy and pain of working on stage should rush to this show. The actors work together better than any football team. Please dont miss this. Its truly great theatre in so many ways.

RE:Nothing "unnatural" in these acts

Profoundly moving and socially relevant this play tells of a time where being a homosexual was akin to being a murderer. Because of this, the students at Harvard who were gay had to ban together in order to act "naturally" away from the prying eyes of the bigoted and coservative society reining at the school. The performances are all brilliant, and the sets, lighting, and costuming could not be improved upon. The only drawback is the direction at times. All of the emotions are heightened to a fever pitch, as if the director felt that the audience would not feel the pain and emotion surging through the characters. A notch smaller is called for, as at times I felt the actor was rather false, than utterly true. All in all this is a play that should bee seen by all discerning theatregoers.