This play was seen on 9/12/10 in the Second Stage Theater Midtown NYC: I had seen a write up on this play, prior to attending, which stated this play was in no way suitable for children. Although the subject matter was a bit adult, I had seen more provocative things in Spring Awakening. So if any of you are afraid of attending, due to content, don?t let this stop you from going. The writing of the play is very good, the subject matter is thought provoking and the significance of some of the plot twists you will not understand until later on, when you have a chance to think about it, but the acting left much to be desired. I admit that I went to this play simply because I was a fan of Zach Braff, from ?Scrubs?, and Bobby Cannavale, from ?Will & Grace?, but surprisingly their acting abilities let me down. The female roles were played by Sutton Foster and Ari Graynor, who are both beautiful women and striking in the S&M outfits, but neither actor was able to sell me on the characters they were supposed to be playing. The play failed to get a standing ovation from the audience, which is usually a good indication of the acting, but if you?re looking for an interesting evening, that will leave you talking, this play is for you.