1hr. 30min.


RE:TRACES ~ a must see!

Mason, Valerie, Mathieu, Bradley, Philippe, Xia and Florian~seven performers, one grand, breath-taking, ninety-minute show I will not forget in a very long time~high energy, highly entertaining acrobatics, wonderfully paced performance, incredible showmanship; music that complements the theme of the show, "If the world ended tomorrow, what would you leave behind?" and the precision of a Swiss clock under the direction and choreography of Shana Carroll and Gypsy Snider. TRACES is a must see. There is nothing in this show you will not love; you enjoy yourself because the artists enjoy themselves and that is highly contagious. One thing more, the simplicity with which they do their stuff, makes you feel as if you can get up there, join them and do it, too. Please, do not attempt what you see, it is art, making the difficult look easy; none of it is easy but very entertaining.