Things We Want

Opened Nov 7, 2007
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Ben Brantley of the NY Times says Things We Want has "THE COOLEST QUOTIENT OF ANY SHOW IN TOWN," and The Associated Press calls it "Powerful and Hilarious." The New Group presents the world premiere of Things We Want by Jonathan Marc Sherman, directed by Ethan Hawke. The production features Paul Dano, Peter Dinklage, Josh Hamilton and Zoe Kazan. In the play, three brothers reunite in their inherited childhood home. Forced to live together again as adults, they struggle to redefine themselves as they pursue the things they want in life. While facing their own personal obstacles, a drastic shift in dynamics occurs when a sexy young neighbor suddenly enters their lives. Directed by Ethan Hawke, this dark comedy by Jonathan Marc Sherman paints an insightful and bittersweet picture of the illusions people have about what makes them happy and what is within their power to change.

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Things We Want - Nov 7, 2007

Dano, Dinklage, Hamilton, Kazan Set for New Group's Things We Want - Jul 2, 2007

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