The Toxic Avenger




I was very nervous going in cause the title seemed like the kind of show I wouldnt like ever- I dont like horror movies, monster stuff, things like that BUT this wasnt that at all, it was so funny, the cast was AMAZING and the music was catchy. It is so clever and laugh out loud funny, a very very smart show- who knew? dont miss it

You Will Never Laugh So Much In A Theater

I cannot fully describe how terrific this show was. I was totally expecting cheesy camp and it was SO MUCH BETTER than that. The score rocks, the story is terrific...sorta of like a cross between LITTLE SHOP and HAIRSPRAY, and the cast is a AMAZING. Two of the guys play a 25 different characters so brilliantly. I laughed harder than Ive ever laughed in a theater. Go see it today.