The Subject Was Roses




While not quite up to 1964 original, this is a fine production of a worthy drama, and it is blessed with three fine actors under Amy Wrights able staging. The Pearl Theatre again shows itself to be a fine company and they have done some notable work this year. Again, this was a fine theatre evening.

RE:The Subject Was Roses

I hadnt been to a Pearl production for a few years, but was interested in seeing how they approached this Frank Gilroy piece. I can only say that it was like seeing it for the first time. Previous productions of this play had left me disappointed, wondering what I was missing. Critics liked it; it was a big prize winner when it opened in the 60s, but for me it just didnt quite resonate. Well, the Pearl production, directed by the very skilled Amy Wright, makes it clear that the problem was not with the play itself. When performed by this present cast, with the energy and expression serving to convey with consummate clarity the deep layers of feeling that have accumulated over the course of more than twenty years of marriage, the result can only be a most satisfying evening of theater.