The Starry Messenger



Don't bother

This play is a waste of almost 3 hours ! time. Poorly written and directed, there are sections that literally make the audience groan. Most of the acting seems awkward, something else we can probably blame on Lonergan. Not since John Patrick Shanleys "Romantic Poetry" has a playwright been so totally responsible for so total a mess.

Not as bad as the papers say Strong Performances

Hadnt read reviews, but wanted to see the play when I saw the adverts in October. Strong performances and some very funny lines. Maybe the bad press worked as a strong motivator, but Broderick was fine. He flubbed a few lines, but not badly, just misspoke, and he has a *lot* of lines. The problem lies with the writing. The play is supposed to be about a life changing meeting, but there is not enough change in Marks character to actually register with the audience. And there were at least two places in the second half that I thought were the ending. They were good, natural end points, but the play continued. And I never really got the "point". And since Im a college professor of drama, I have a little experience getting the point. The story aside, I did enjoy the performances very much. Catalina Sandino Moreno is lovely and strong, though what her character sees in the Broderick character is difficult to see. Grant Shaud has delicious comic timing. Merwin Goldsmith was a standout. My party of four agreed that the play was worth a try for the performances alone. Lighting, set design and music also very good.

RE:The Starry Messenger

Went to see The Starry Messenger. In a strange way the bad buzz this play got the first week is bringing everyone to see it. I heard from a very reliable source that the show is almost sold out for the entire season. Who would of thought? By the way the play is great, dialogues are deep and strong with a very clever sense of humor, very Lonergan style. Get ready for very sharp and subtle assertions about religion, morality and evolution. Broderick is perfect for the role. His paste and finesse is outstanding. Catalina Sandino blew my mind, she made me cry so much, so real, what sense of humanity this young actress has. Missi Yager and J. Smith-Cameron very solid performances, Merwin Goldsmiths is incredible, even thought he was a last minute replacement he is shinning big time. Definitely this play is worth seeing.