The Shaughraun

(1 intermission)
Opened May 1, 2011
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Against a background ripe with the intrigue of the secret Fenian Uprising in Ireland in 1866, Dion Boucicault, the undisputed master of melodrama, unravels his comic masterpiece, The Shaughraun, which springs to life once again on The Irish Repertory Theatre's stage. Desperate forbidden passions! Beautiful damsels in distress! Swashbuckling swordplay! Mustachioed villains! Lots of kissing, and a charismatic hero whose fiddle is the soul of every fair and the life of every funeral...also a dog. Caution: Gaelic spoken here!

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The Shaughraun - May 1, 2011

Terry Donnelly, Patrick Fitzgerald, et al. Set for Irish Rep's The Shaughraun - Mar 28, 2011

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