The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World



The Shaggs

Go see a musical about a girl group that cant sing??? Yes, yes, yes!! This is a very well put together show with a great cast, some really good songs and acting and an evocative set. Despite the off the wall subject, this based on a true story, tale is told with sympathy and impact . Dont be fooled, this is one well worth attending. There are shows about successful groups which are not as good as this.

RE:Amazing Cast

This great, great cast really brings the songs home, though I will especially single out Annie Golden who took her one big number and just dazzled the audience. The relationships and drama between the characters provide an interesting backstory for the music, sufficient to care about the characters, and whatever weaknesses in the story are overwhelmed by the sheer talent of the cast to bring this work to life. I laughed during and after the show to the point of tears, though in making the show so accessible to mainstream audiences I felt it was a ultimately a little cruel and insulting toward the Wiggin family. Its too bad that the actual music had to be held up to derision, but this speaks more to my own feelings about outsiders than to the art of the show itself, which is a wonderful experience and left me singing and dancing. I look forward to the cast record!