The Quantum Eye: Magic Deceptions

1hr. 30min.


Highly recommended

My family and I have seen the show a few times already. We keep going back because the show if very entertaining and clever. Sam Eaton is a superior magician and we recommend him and his show highly.

RE: The Quantum Eye: Magic Deceptions

I thoroughly enjoyed this show. I have been a fan of magic, particularly mentalism, for quite a while and have seen many shows around the world. Mr. Eatons performance is by far one of the best that I have seen. His style is not only original but also well-constructed.

This show still delivers...

I had the unique pleasure of seeing The Quantum Eye when it started in the back of a West Village Mystery Bookstore and I am bowled over at how this show has grown in quality and entertainment value. It was very entertaining show before, but today, Sam Eaton is becoming a major entertainer who I expect great things from. A great date event, and good for familys too!

Great time!

Very entertaining. Sam Eaton is very charming and quite intelligent. I particularly liked the message that he delivered -- that we should as a community not be afraid to ask questions when things sound too good to be true or against common sense. I would recommend The Quantum Eye. BTW - I loved his glasses. My daughter thought that he looked a bit like Harry Potter. How funny is that!