The Pride




From the start, the actors seemed to be rushing through their lines felt like they were reading/rattling them off and didnt have believable chemistry with one another. The story ultimately didnt have much to say that was new, either. The contemporary scenes worked better than those set in 1958. Excellent production/technical values sets, costumes, lighting and some flashes of brilliance from Ben Whishaw. Uneven, however, with the most ho-hum title imaginable.

Don't sit in the balcony !

Brilliant acting makes up for any shortcomings in the writing and direction, imho. Its not a feel-good exercise, but an interesting look at the contrasting dangers/limitations experienced by gays separated by half a century. Well, well worth the money. Dont sit upstairs, though, the sight-lines are inexcusably bad.

A Stunning Play-A Spectacular Cast

Saw "The Pride" a week ago Sunday, and am still thinkiing about it. It has been an awfully long time since a play and its cast has moved me so. The acting was extraordinary-without one false note-Thank you MCC for putting this production together..and anyone who is even remotely thinking about seeing it-stop thinking..and do it...before its too late. Bravi...

A StunningWork-A Spectacular Cast

RE:Magnificent Pride

The Pride is an intimate, and elegant Play brilliantly rendered in New York by a terrific director and a magnificent first class cast. Absolutely not to be missed.