The Penis Monologues: Men Speak

Opened Mar 11, 2005
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Eve Ensler made women's sexual organs a topic of international discussion with her groundbreaking play The Vagina Monologues. Now director/playwright Robert Watts gives men their shot with The Penis Monologues: Men Speak. The Penis Monologues: Men Speak depicts men from all walks of life and status - gay to straight, single to married, sons to fathers - showing the common connection that all men have with each other. The play uses a blend of humor and pathos to deal with the issues of what being a man means today. Monologues touch on subjects including Viagra use, penile cancer, size issues and rape. This poignant and funny new play reveals the often secretive differences men feel about themselves and their masculinity, as well as the one common thread that connects them all.

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The Penis Monologues - Mar 13, 2005

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