The Misanthrope

Opened Jan 23, 2011
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What's worse than being the only (self-proclaimed) honest man in a world of liars, gossips, and fools? Being head-over-heels in love with the chief offender among them. The Misanthrope follows the hilariously thorny love-life of the irascible Alceste and the coquettish Célimène, who put the concept of "opposites attract" to the ultimate test. Richard Wilbur's masterful translation of Molière's wryly personal comedy begs the question--can love really be this blind?

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Reviewed by zlok on Jan 24, 2011

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The Misanthrope - Jan 23, 2011

Janie Brookshire, Shawn Fagan, Sean McNall, et al. Set for Pearl Theatre's The Misanthrope - Dec 22, 2010

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