The Irish Curse



Leave the wives at home

Men should go to see this play with their mates and leave their wives at home. I don?t think women can relate as easily. The first half of this one act play is funny while the second is dramatic. The writer is stretching an old-wives-tale pretty far to create a metaphor for men who feel they come up short in some way. If you can?t relate to the stated reason for the men to feel cursed I found it helps to insert a short-coming of one?s own: lack of career status, lack of income, lack of muscles, stature, charm, education. To paraphrase a question asked by one of the men, ?Will any woman love me once she finds out that I don?t measure up?. One annoying part of the show was Dan Butler ranting around the stage about George Bush, Obama, Clinton, and Republicans. I am sick of playwrights inserting their political views in the wrong forums or espousing views just to get a cheap laugh from a liberal, New York audience.

Prepare to laugh

Attended the show on April 11. Dan Butler was off, the understudy on. The theater was full and shook with laughter for 90 minutes. The acting was largely first rate, particularly Roderick Hill in a central role. You dont have to be Irish to have a good time at this male analog of the Vagina Monologues a borrowed characterization.

RE:funny, touching and well-acted