The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures



RE:A Little Too Intelligent Homosexual

Ponderous, Pedantic, and Pretentious and that are only words that begin with P...Tony Kushners new play is so uninvolving, that after 3:45 minutes of philosopical preaching, you, like the protagonist are ready to commit suicide. Every scene includes some mumbo-jumbo involving philosophy, communism, capitalism, socialism and quite a few other isms. Also a dash of theology and Mary Baker Eddy thrown in just for fun. There is not one true character, other than Michael Cristophers youngest son portrayed splendidly by Stephen Pasquale. The others are so annoying that you wish someone had placed a muzzle on them in between acts. The set design is good and considering the poor playwrighting the director Michael Grief does the best he can. If you enjoyed attending Philosophy 101 in college you may like it. If not, avoid like the plague.