The Hallway Trilogy



Starts well but ultimately disappoints

Despite being presented as a "trilogy," this production really is three separate plays cobbled together. The first of the three, Rose, is entertaining and very cleverly crafted, boasting a creative and original plot device. But the other two plays, Paraffin and Nursing, rely excessively on sex, nudity, sophomoric scatalogical humor and violence to hold the audiences interest - and it didnt work for me in either of the two. Ive posted a long comment on the whole "trilogy" on my blog and Ill be posting individual reviews of the three plays that comprise it on my blog over the next few days. You can read my posts on these and dozens of other plays on my blog


Adam Rapp has written a profound piece of uniquely American literature. Performed by a flawless ensemble with brilliant direction and design, this is the best $99 youll spend this year to see all three. Its open seating so get there when the house opens for best seats.