The God Botherers

Opened Feb 26, 2005
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Somewhere in the developing world lies Tambia, a part-Christian, part-Muslim country where water is scarce, AK-47s are plentiful, the lions are hungry and the locals want e-mail. Laura is a young, ambitious American aid worker on her first assignment. Keith, her supervisor, is a world-weary malcontent just trying to get through the day. Sparks fly when Laura shows up three weeks late, ready to bend the rules to save the world. She soon finds that home seems very far away when the locals steal your magazines, your bodyguard makes passes at you, and your boyfriend dumps you - to return to his three wives... The God Botherers is a no-holds-barred comedy that gleefully skewers our preconceptions about religion, globalization, and the sources of poverty and violence in the developing world.


Uneasily Assimilated - Mar 15, 2005

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