The Flying Karamazov Brothers

1hr. 30min.


So much fun!

I took my 8 and 12 year old kids into the city for some cabin-fever relief - what a great time we had at this show! These guys are so funny and talented, and you never knew what was coming next. We have not stopped talking about the clever skits and my kids loved the way they draw in the audience. Highly recommended!

Dull and Anti-Catholic.

Its the type of thing one would see on a Carnival Cruise ship, The anti-Catholic jobs were offensive and direspectful.


These guys are great.! I had a fabulous time at the show and would highly recommend it. Definitely not just for kids.

Worth Seeing!

If this show was just hilarious or just beautiful or just amazing, it would be well worth seeing, but its all of those things at once! Its great skill wrapped in genius, and topped with goofiness. I would recommend this show to absolutely anybody.


I have to say, I was on the edge of my seat half the time and holding my sides in laughter the other half! The puns, silliness and extraordinary talent make for a wonderful show for all ages. I would highly recommend this show to all!

I've never seen audiences love a show like this

I totally disagree with the previous posted who said this was fun only for kids. 4 play is filled with some of the most amazing juggling youll ever see, and some astonishing music and imagery. The show explores the relationship between music and juggling, and I just thought what they did onstage was incredible. The audience gets to bring onstage any object they want, and sure enough, one of the jugglers managed to keep a giant octopus, an oil filled jar and a hamburger in the air. Kids of any age would LOVE this, but its a little like Monty Python - once you get beyond the slapstick, theres often some pretty serious stuff going on. This show is fast, funny, and extremely witty. MUCH better than CATS!

RE:OK for kids

Not really much for adults - the children in the audience enjoyed it a lot.