The Flying Karamazov Brothers: 4Play

Minetta Lane Theatre
18 Minetta Ln, New York, NY 10014
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Click here to see a video of the Brothers in action! This exuberant and hilarious off-Broadway event is full of charming, fast-paced virtuosity and fun as the four brothers, master practitioners of cheap theatrics, juggle 'til they drop. Their method combines skills of considerable breadth and depth in a work that is kaleidoscopic and passionate. The objects, the musical instruments (traditional and invented) and their own bodies are combined in a fresh and compelling performance. The audience is invited to bring objects to the theater for Karamazov's Champ to juggle, making each show unique. Come watch The Flying Karamazovs as they prove with each performance that chaos and unexpected events in our lives are the best part of being human.

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Reviewed by d1anonlygigglezz on Feb 26, 2010

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4Play - Feb 11, 2010

The Flying Karamazov's 4PLAY to Play Limited Engagement at Minetta Lane - Jan 20, 2010

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