The Fig Leaves Are Falling

1hr. 15min.


Cheerful But Nothing Special

The Fig Leaves Are Falling first opened on Broadway in 1969 and closed after only four performances. It is now being revived Off Off Broadway at the Connelly Theatre. But this new production isn't really a revival in the truest sense. The director has revised the original play extensively, eliminating much of its socio-political commentary, deleting some songs and adding others, patching together scenes from three different drafts of the original play, eliminating sub-plots, and focusing tightly on the main theme – the choice that Harry Stone must make between Lillian, his wife of 20 years, and Jenny, his 24 year old secretary. So for better or worse, this is a far cry from what originally appeared on Broadway 44 years ago. I never saw the original play but I can say that the current show, while by no means exceptional, is cheerfully engaging, it has its amusing moments, and its choreography is energetic and enthusiastic. Harry is played with considerable control by Jonathan Rayson, struggling to restrain his emotions in the face of Jenny's advances. Lillian is played by Natalie Venetia Belcon, whose unquestioning and loving acceptance of Harry's disturbing behavior is most endearing but requires some suspension of disbelief. And a similar suspension of disbelief is required in reacting to Morgan Weed's perky portrayal of Jenny who seamlessly evolves from an innocent girl threatening to quit her job over her boss's unwanted advances into a flirtatious seductress who upends Harry's life. I have posted an expanded version of this review as well as reviews of several other Broadway. Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway plays on my blog