The Countess

Opened Apr 24, 2000
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Resuming performances at its new home, The Lamb's Theater, first-time playwright Gregory Murphy tells the true story of a love triangle between 19th Century art critic, John Ruskin, his wife Effie, and painter John Everett Millias. Exploring insanity, cruelty, and obsession, this drama provides riveting theater at its best. Every Wednesday night, there will be a post-performance reception with the cast and creators. Victorian-themed refreshments will be served. Several of New York's distinguished sex and relationship experts have been recruited to meet with audiences. The schedule is as follows: Wednesday, November 15: Denise Winston Wednesday, November 29: Dr. Sharon Aronofsky Wednesday, December 6: Shoshana Smith Wednesday, December 13: Regena Thomashauer Running Time: 2 hours, 25 minutes (15 minute intermission) May be inappropriate for children 9 and under. Children ages 4 and under are not permitted in the theater.

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