The Columbine Project

Opened Jul 27, 2009
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Ten years ago on April 20, 1999, the world watched as two young men presumed to be outcasts walked into their high school and attempted to massacre hundreds of their peers. Although failing in their original mission to kill 250 students, the two teens left 12 students and a teacher fatally wounded and many others scarred for life. The Columbine Project examines exactly what went through the minds of several students, including the killers who at one time were just normal kids. Pulled straight from journals, diaries and information shared personally with the writer by survivors of the incident, this true story provides insight into who these children were and who may have also had a hand in cultivating the rampage that resulted in bloodshed and destruction.


The Columbine Project - Aug 9, 2009

The Columbine Project to Make Off-Broadway Premiere at Actors Temple - Jul 15, 2009

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