The Break of Noon



Update, I went again

Thanks to the Gold Club I got to go back and see this again painlessly. On second viewing it was still engrossing. Complex play, yes, but well worth the investment, even twice. Would love to read it for myself, so will buy it. But for now, Go see it.

Break of Noon

Great acting, good setting and a very thought provoking piece. It is analagous to that time when you are reading a book and say "Wait, let me read that again, what did he really say?". You will certainly come out wondering whether John Smith is for real or not and the plot twists and turns dont make that easier to decide. s is interesting and thought-provoking play writing on a very tricky subject. Go, see for yourself.

RE:Moving performance, still unsure on the script

OK, so a long time David Duchovny and Amanda Peet fan, but Duchovny was a revelation. His John Smith is a difficult role, very taxing as hes in every scene, but boy, was he good. His opening monologue drew me right in to the world of the play and kept me involved when the words themselves werent doing it alone. Amanda Peet owns the stage when shes on it. Kudos to Tracee Chimo, who is a hoot as a talk show host, dead on satire. Moving as the hooker Gigi, too. Very much appreciated the actors work, but still chewing on the story itself. Not sure how I feel about the actual action of the play itself. Interesting listening to comments when I left the theater--so many interpretations. It made me want to read it so I can think more about it and its meaning. It deals with difficult questions, and it needs more than 90 minutes attention. So, if you are a fan of any of these actors, definitely go. LaBute fans should go, as well.