The Berenstain Bears LIVE! in Family Matters, the Musical

0hr. 55min.


SO much fun!

My 2 kids (who are 4 and 7) both LOVED it! They left singing the songs, and got to take pictures with the bears after the show! An energetic, fun show that teaches good lessons and is great for kids of all ages (and fun for parents too)!

My kid...

loved it! I dont think Ive ever seen him so inthralled.


My son was beaming the whole show!

Very good!

My grandkids loved it! They said Papa Bear reminded them of their abuelo ;

Lots of fun!

I brought my kids to see the show and they had a blast! The tickets are much more reasonably priced than Broadway shows, so I didnt have to break the bank to take them to the theater. The whole experience was very kid-friendly-- if you buy the Very Important Bear tickets they get to sit right up front on the "grassy knoll" and wear a pair of bear ears. Adorable!

pleasant surprise

I went to see the Berenstain Bears last weekend with the wife and daughters, and I was dreading going, but I actually liked it. Sure, some of it was a but juvenile, but thats to be expected. It also re-enforced some of the values I like to teach my daughters, like eating healthy and stuff. I would definitely recommend it to dads like me who are wary of going to a family musical.

Thumbs up!

Fun, and funny. Best kids show weve seen in NYC. Perfect length too, i think it was exactly one hour.

Better than Mary Poppins!

Hubby, daughter and I LOVE THIS MUSICAL more than Mary Poppins! Its a fun story that my daughter could follow, theres some adult humor throughout, and at 55 minutes, its the perfect length. And it didnt cost a fortune!! Lol! With her nose painted like a bear after the show, my daughter was talking about Sister Bear all the way up until bed time. Sooo cute!


Saw this show recently with my little cousins. They had a ball... the music is catchy and fun, and the whole show if entertaining for adults and children. I loved seeing the Berenstain Bears almost as much as the kids because I grew up with the books too! Such a great tradition, and I truly enjoyed seeing the stage show. After the show the kids can meet the bears too! My cousins were really excited. They can get their noses painted like bears and take a picture with the cast. They loved it!