The Amelia Project, Phase II



The Amelia Project, Phase II

This show was AMAZING!!! In addition to the fantastic physical prowess of the dancers both on the trapeze and on the floor, the show had heart.; it kept the audience emotionally engaged throughout - at various points it was funny, sad, exciting. I would go see any show that Fly-by-Night Dance Theater put on - theyre GREAT!!!

It reminded me of what pure joy was in simpler times

Watching the dancers obvious pleasure in this role, reminded me of when I was younger and would climb and swing from trees, not worried yet about lifes dangers nor doing it to impress anyone. Just the pleasure of the body working and the only thought is on the immediate experience. The videos were subtle and didnt take your focus away from the dancers. It kept me grounded with eyes and mind focused on the performance, yet my body seemed almost in flight. Great experience.

joy of flying

Trapeze dance that goes way beyond the circus aesthetic, telling a story with joy, humor, and pathos.


Really lovely aerial work that tells a compelling story. Definitely recommend it.

Very Innovative

Really enjoyed this show a lot. Beautiful women in trapezes. What more do you need? Oh, it tells a cool story, too.