The Accidental Pervert

1hr. 30min.



This show was spot on. I was dying of laughter from start to finish, as was everyone else in the audience. Andrew Goffman is brilliant! He has a wonderful personality that really shows through while he's on that stage. His audience interaction is awesome, I don't know how he is so quick with his commentary back and forth with us. If you have an open mind, and a good sense of humor you'll want to see this show. I actually plan on going back a second time. You won't regret it.


"The Accidental Pervert" is an entertaining, hilarious and pervy one man show. Part therapy session, part stand up comedy. If you're looking for an unbelievably good night out, this show is the one to see. Andrew Goffman's likable personality, charm and whit keep you in stitches! Here is my tip: Go to the bathroom before hand. If not, you might pee yourself. This play is hilarious, naughty, edgy and LOL funny! Thank You for a great evening Andrew!


Absolutely loved the incredibly funny!! Andrew's an amazing actor, and kept me laughing for the entire 90 minutes!! Highly recommend!!


Keep this show going

I loved it and highly recommend it to people who love a swift, funny show. It is worth it - Broadway bound, too.

Really cool and unexpected

I actually heard of The Accidental Pervert a couple of times on blogs and peoples twitter, but I guess my brain ignored it because of the word "pervert" u get a lot of that on the internet. Im real happy that a friend of mine finally dragged me to the show because it was beyond what the title painted in my head. its funny to the level of snorting and should be on comedy central/HBO late night. this is not something for little kids though, so make sure you do it for something like a bachelor/bachelorette party, night on the town with adult friends, or a with a boyfriend/girlfriend with an actual sense of humor.

Great Night Out

4 girls and one performer......amazing night, funny, really a laugh a miniute!! Andrew is a true talent that will be around for a long time...Off Broadway has never been so lively and fun! Cant wait to go back again!!!

Edgy, hilarious, and completely different

I have a hard time calling this a one-man show because Andrew has the energy of 10 people when hes up on the stage. Seriously, I was not expecting the guy to MOVE the way he does, keep a straight face at his own hilarious jokes, respond to the audience, stay energetic...all by himself. The man needs to be the official spokesperson for 5-Hour Energy or something. Quick, man - Ill be back with more friends next time!

RE:Worth the trip from Philadelphia

TIp: Go to the bathroom before hand - seriously, you might pee yourself. This play is hilarious, naughty, edgy, but still really heartfelt and REAL. I think Mr. Goffman is a brave, brave, man - there is no way I would tell a sold-out room full of people my deepest darkest secrets. Well. His secrets are more interesting than mine. But see it, especially with friends. I was in the front row and he "picked on my friend - I wasnt expecting that but it was SO funny!