The 39 Steps




This show is really terrific! As a theatre student, it is really informative to watch actors who have mastered their craft so well. To play that many characters often without leaving the stage to "prepare" is quite impressive. The specificty of each characterization is a skill that every actor should strive for. "The 39 Steps" is a great example of this - not to mention wildly entertaining!

Fun show!

A really fun show with a talented cast! Definitely glad I saw this show and had a great time laughing all the way through!

Well done!

Our seats were awesome and the show was put together very well... Highly entertaining!


With a cast of only four, this intricately choreographed play was unbelievable! I enjoyed it from beginning to end and laughed all the way through!

39 Steps

Good show with good acting and timing. I love Alfred Hitchcock movies and can watch them endlessly. The show was creative, witty and entertaining but for some reason, there was something missing.

The 39 Steps

Maybe you have to be in a certain mood to see this.......or maybe you have to have had a couple of drinks, to think this is funny. We just didnt like it at all. We like Hitchcock, but didnt like this spoof about Hitchcocks material We felt that all of the attempt at humor was strained and fell flat. It might be a matter of personal taste, but we just didnt like anything about this show and we go to the theater at least 30 to 40 times a year.....each year.

39 Steps

A must see! Our seats were great and the actors were fantastic. Please go see what real acting is all about.

39 Steps da da da daaaaaa

Hilarious seems too mild. Laughs endlessly. The cast was unbelievable. So many hat changes to keep up with and hold off laughing so not to miss the next lines. Staging was hilarious. If you want to see a serious story dont see this. Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud. Glad to see he kept his tradition of appearing in all his shows. Thanks to the Cast n Production for a great night of Theater. Spin Guy

39 Steps

Ive seen most of current Bway and Off, Just loved this show - saw it on Bway, then again Off. Its literate, great fun, creative, delightfully surprising, and somehow juggles being a version of Hitchcocks movie with homage to it and a parody simultaneously. Incredible acting and timing. DONT MISS IT.

RE:39 Steps

A good show but even better theater