Ted Greenberg's The Complete Performer



Great little one man (and a Mascot) show in west Soho!

My girlfriend and I had a great time at this show! Complete Performer is definitely true. It's a manic and fun show. Highly recommended!!!!!

Awesome! Very much enjoyed!

A great, fast-paced performance. We totally enjoyed ourselves and laughed for a full hour. We did win the cab ride home, so the show continued for us through the streets of New York. Imagine the look on people's faces as we drove by with Ted in the driver's seat and Mascot as sidekick in the passenger seat. Hilarious! Still laughing!

a fast paced thrill ride that oozes NYC

blending elite physical performance with off the wall wit and an all too rambunctious charm, this is a show that captures new york. comedy, magic, improvisation, audience participation, and all while a mascot dances pumping enthusiasm into the air at the only show where you can win a cab ride home from the man himself...the complete performer!

Brilliantly funny and unique

So insanely, off the wall funny! There is no other show like it. A must experience AND a chance to win a ride home!!

What a funny night

This show is a true late night New York show. Funny, outrageous and a free cab ride home at the end of it. I didn't win, but my girlfriends and I had so much fun anyway.

RE:Absolutely roll on the floor funny

We were cracking up HYSTERICALLY throughout the show, and are going back for more this weekend. HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is up for a silly good time.