Tales From the Tunnel

1hr. 30min.


Tales From The Tunnel

This play was seen on 9/18/10 in the Bleecker Street Theater ? aka The Greenroom Theater East Village NYC: All I can say is WOW! This play made for a very good evening and a completely enjoyable experience. The subway stories are all very interesting. Some will have you laughing, some will make you emotional and some will just make you proud that you are a part of NYC. It doesn?t matter if you are a strap hanger, a commuter on the LIRR or even an occasional Metro North rider in fact, if you have ever ridden a train; you will recognize at least one of the stories and think it was your own experience they are talking about. Among the cast members you will recognize Wilson Jermaine Heredia who was Angel in the movie ?Rent?. But all members of the cast are extremely talented and each brings something good to the stage with them. You will enjoy this play and you will talk about this play for days afterwards. I would not be surprised if we saw this play come back again, on a bigger stage as a more elaborate production. But until then make sure you catch it before it ends it?s run.

RE:Tales from the Tunnel

This is an amusing and wry look at the subway. It is not falling down funny but it is hard to suppress a smile and a laugh at the familiar subway scenes which are played out here by an enthusiastic and talented cast.