Spirit Control




This play has the basis for a good crackling drama, but after an excellent start it goes off in so many directions and becomes so confusing that the total effect is almost disasterous. Add to this stock direction and lower case acting and the whole thing becomes a well meaning but practical botch.

Just Jeremy

There is one reason to see this play--Jeremy Sisto. He is a terrific actor who seems to have been flying under the radar for the last 15 years. And he does a fantastic job with this character who has his life thrown into a completely different direction after a he experiences a traumatic day on the job. The first act is very well done but be prepared, as you will most likely be confused for portions of the second act. As we were walking out, the audience all looked at each other with an expression of, "what just happened"? But it is worth seeing one of our most underrated actors work his magic in a nice cozy setting.

RE:Riveting first act, but then...

The cast was excellent, and it was wonderful to see Jeremy Sisto continue to stretch himself as an actor... I cant offhand remember a more riveting first act, and the applause was long and loud at its end. Much of the audience seemed to stay in its seats for the intermission for, wanting to see what happens. And for a while I stayed with the author, giving him the benefit of the doubt as he pulled in themes from unexpected places and led us to unexpected moments. I was getting restive because as 20 years go by there is a secondary character who doesnt mature at all in terms of forgiveness or even a different view of a disappointing crucial figure on his life. Then about 2/3rds of the way through the second act another character starts to exit the stage, then turns around and delivers a monologue that turns what had been a mostly realistic play into a surrealistic one. It was not a good transition and the author quickly lost me and my five companions. There was polite applause at the end but not more, yet most of the evening had been marvelous. The author needed a better dramaturge, or an out-of-town tryout. But if you are serious about drama, go see it for the quality of the first part of the play.