Spirit Control

Opened Oct 26, 2010
2.3/5 stars from 3 users.WRITE A REVIEW


Adam Wyatt has the perfect family and a perfect record as an air traffic controller. But when the pilot of a small plane suffers a heart attack, Adam must talk a terrified passenger through an emergency landing. What happens next will link him inextricably to a woman he's never met, and set the life he once knew irrevocably adrift. Spirit Control is a chilling and mesmerizing look at how we navigate a crisis, and the demons that haunt us long after.

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PHOTO FLASH: Ethan Hawke, Jeremy Sisto, Michael T. Weiss, et al. at MTC's Spirit Control Opening - Oct 27, 2010

Spirit Control - Oct 26, 2010

Mia Barron, Brian Hutchison, Jeremy Sisto, et al. Set for MTC's Spirit Control - Aug 26, 2010

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