Soul Samurai

Opened Feb 22, 2009
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Soul Samurai by Qui Nguyen is directed by Robert Ross Parker. Cooler than Kill Bill, hotter than Shaft! The OBIE Award-winning Ma-Yi Theater Company teams up with the NYIT Award-winning Vampire Cowboys for Soul Samurai, the story of Dewdrop and her fight through the mean streets of post-apocalyptic Brooklyn. After avenging her lover's murder in the heart of Coney Island, Dewdrop now must make it back home to the L.E.S. before the shoguns of Kings County find her. In a play that mixes hip-hop culture, blaxploitation, and the martial arts, this production dials it back old school with a seventies-inspired samurai story. This is one slick slice with a sharp sword and a score to settle!

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Soul Samurai - Feb 19, 2009

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