Simon Lovell's Strange and Unusual Hobbies



simon lovell

highly recommend. don't know what that one guy didn't like. this show is completely worth the small price. very small place. i'm talking small. also we were able to park for free right on the street at the entrance. excellent close up slight of hand card manipulation. just the right touch of a suggestion of sleaze. completely approachable & pleasant chap


I went to see a magic show, and what I found was a disheveled man in a dirty jacket making the kind of lame and unfunny racist jokes Tea Partiers email each other. Bit of a shame, as the things on the web about Mr. Lovell would lead you to believe he is/was a unique talent. His card-handling was messy and rushed, and it certainly felt as if he wasnt really present and didnt care about the show. I left feeling genuinely sorry for everyone in the audience who paid for a ticket, and for Mr. Lovell.