Shinbone Alley

Opened Nov 7, 2006
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Shinbone Alley (1957) is based on the "archy & mehitabel" stories written by journalist Don Marquis in 1916. The libretto is by Joe Darion and Mel Brooks, the music is by George Kleinsinger and the lyrics are by Joe Darion. A Newspaperman relates the stories written by a very literate cockroach, Archy as he jumps up and down on the keys of his typewriter. Archy writes about what he knows best - the lives and loves of the citizens of Shinbone Alley. There is Tyrone T. Tattersol, the Actor Cat; Broadway the Lightening Bug, Archy's "flashy" friend; Big Bill, the Tom Cat an unfaithful lover of Archy's favorite - Mehitabel, the capricious Alley Cat. Mehitabel's zest for life is forever getting her into trouble and in a misguided attempt to help, Archy finally convinces her to become a house cat. The consequences are disastrous. Thomas Mills directs, with musical direction by Rick Hip-Flores.

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Kendall, Tucker, Zarrett et al. Cast in Musicals Tonight!'s Shinbone Alley - Oct 13, 2006

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