Opened Jan 14, 2009
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Algonquin Theater Productions presents award-winning playwright Al Tapper's original musical, Sessions. Steven Petrillo directs, Penny Ayn Maas provides the choreography and Steven Gross is the musical director. The musical centers around Dr. Peter Peterson, an affluent New York therapist who discovers his own life is as much in need of examination as those of his patients. Among those causing Dr. Peterson angst are the bickering Murphys, the loner George, the aptly named Sunshine, the troubled Mary, the millionaire Baxter, and Dylan who really believes he is THAT (Bob) Dylan. On top of it all is Leila, the femme fatale with eyes...and long, long legs...for Dr. Peterson.

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Sessions - Jan 14, 2009

Days, Hickok, Jennings, Wooten, et al. to Star in Sessions - Sep 2, 2008

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