Wonderful show that examines social, environmental and familial dysfunction. The show can attract a modern audience with its contemporary and edgy form, yet it remains important enough to send a necessary message. Thought provoking, and well acted, Seeds is vital theater and I highly recommend it.

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I could give this SIX stars if they were available. This is a quite remarkable show with breathtaking acting. The young boy in the cast, who is only 12 years old, acts with a maturity which is stunning. The material is very strong indeed and throws into sharp focus the problems of both the young people today as well as the people who try to help and mentor them and the parents who try to bring them up. A bare and unencumbered set only helps to sharpen the impact of the material. This play really needs the widest audience, I have not seen a better play or performances for a long time. Do yourselves a favor, see it, it is not hard to get to the theater, it is very close to the A train 145th street station.

RE:A Must-See

Amazing performance! An impeccably written script is brought alive under creative direction and superb acting. I havent seen such great theater in years.