Séance on a Wet Afternoon

Opened Apr 19, 2011
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A Wet Blanket

Mr. Schwartz ruined a truly great storyline from a classic film. Though the cast is excellent for the most part, and the design perfectly moody, the music and lyrics are abominable. While there are some hints at great melodies, they are muddied by terrible attempts at musicalizing everyday speech. It sounded like when kids sing every word they speak and make up the tunes as they go along. Laura Flanningan proves she has the pipes, but she cant annunciate worth beans thank goodness for supertitles. The children were outstanding - beautifully acted and you understood every word. One extra star in the rating for them and the mother of the kidnapped girl.


While it is slow getting started this is always interesting and very well done. Not a classic perhaps but worth doing.


I went with low expectations, only to be completely pulled in and enthralled. Frightening, beautiful and unforgettable.