Savage in Limbo

1hr. 15min.


RE:An Interesting Forerunner to Doubt

In 1984, John Patrick Shanley wrote Savage in Limbo, a play that might have been totally forgotten were it not for the fact that twenty years later, he wrote Doubt: A Parable, a far better play which took Broadway by storm But once Doubt appeared, interest was renewed in Shanley?s earlier work which explains the current revival of this work. This is not a bad play by any means: it is amusing and has some interesting things to say. And this production is well done, nicely directed, and boasts some fine performances. But the play is likely to prove of more interest as an historical relic to those theatre aficionados who enjoy tracing the evolution of a playwright?s work than as a fully realized show in its own right. I have posted an expanded review of this play and reviews of several other plays on my blog