Rutherford & Son



Another Hit for the Mint

Over the past 17 years, the Mint Theater Company has been incredibly successful in its self-proclaimed mission to produce “worthwhile plays from the past that have been lost or forgotten” and it has hit another bull’s-eye with its current production of Rutherford & Son. The Mint first unearthed and produced Rutherford & Son in 2001 but, unfortunately, performances for that production began on September 7, 2001 - just days before the attack on the World Trade Center – and, as a consequence, despite the fact that the play was well-received by the critics, it failed to get the attention it deserved. Which explains why the Mint Theater Company made the decision to revive the play agian on this centenary year anniversary of its London premiere. We can be very glad that they did. This is a terrific play, addressing timeless themes that are as pertinent today as they were in 2001 – or in 1912 - including the divisions which exist between generations, between the sexes, between social and economic classes, and between geographical regions as well as issues of honor, loyalty and family conflict. And the entire cast does a first rate job of bringing the play to life. The three actors who are reprising the roles that they played in the 2001 production (Robert, David Van Pelt and Dale Soules) are all wonderful in their portrayals of John Rutherford, Martin and Mrs. Henderson, respectively. Of the newcomers to the show, Sara Surrey is a particular standout in the role of Janet, John Rutherford’s daughter. I have posted an expanded review of this play and of several other Broadway, off Broadway and off off Broadway plays on my blog