Rutherford & Son

Opened Feb 27, 2012
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Rutherford & Son, set in the industrial north of England, tells the story of a father determined to do whatever it takes to ensure the success and succession of the family glassworks, started by his own father, but now in danger of shattering. John Rutherford rules home and business with an iron fist, a tyrant who inspires fear in his workers and hatred in his grown children. Now rebellion is brewing. His eldest son, working in secret has discovered a process that could save the firm, cutting costs by one third--but he refuses to share it with his father unless he "gets his price."

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Rutherford & Son - Feb 27, 2012

Mint Theater's Rutherford & Son Extends Through April 8 - Feb 22, 2012

Robert Hogan, Sandra Shipley, David Van Pelt et al. Set for Mint's Rutherford & Son - Nov 30, 2011

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