Opened Apr 7, 2004
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A play about love, sex, ambition and the Arab-American experience, Roar is the story of a Palestinian-American family living in Detroit in the wake of the first Gulf War, whose live are disrupted when a family member is thrown out of Kuwait and arrives at their doorstep. Marion McClinton directs this play by Betty Shamieh. Presented by The New Group. "Richly drawn, beautifully directed. ROAR is part tender drama and part searing comedy." - Margo Jefferson, New York Times "You will be thrilled by Annabella Sciorra. She's gorgeous, dangerous, nurturing and unpredictable!" - Associated Press "Sarita Choudhurry gives a performance of heartbreaking purity, one of the best of the year." - Talkin' Broadway

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Actors in the Sun - Apr 30, 2004

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