Rites of Privacy

Opened Aug 30, 2007
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In Rites of Privacy, actor and author David Rhodes begins as himself, but quickly shifts gears -- and costumes -- to portray an array of characters aching to reveal their darkest secrets: a fading Southern pageant queen, an aging refugee from Nazi Germany, a fish-out-of-water Jew in New Hampshire, a suburban doctor in a predicament, and a Euro club-kid with an unsavory edge. Throughout, Rhodes alternates these characters with candid stories from his own experience, ultimately seeking a place of clarity and authenticity in his creative and personal life. "Whether he's a fading Southern belle, a Holocaust survivor, a gay Belgian club kid or merely himself, Rhodes is nothing short of entrancing. The stories are funny, touching and occasionally shocking." - HX Magazine "a magnetic and exciting work of theatre... "Rites of Privacy" offers plenty of food for thought on its tantalizing main subjects of privacy, secrecy, rituals, and transformations; and it introduces us (inside and out) not only to a mesmerizing and talented actor, but to a compelling collection of characters who have much to teach us about the powerful lure and danger of not telling." - NYTheatre.com

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Rites of Privacy - Aug 23, 2007

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