Rentboy, the Musical (The Cocktail Version) Venue and Location

Don't Tell Mama
343 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036
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Don't Tell Mama

343 W 46th St New York, NY 10036


Opened . (Open Run)

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Broadway Meows
I Came, I Saw, I Sang: A Night of Stories from the Singing Telegram Trenches
In My Life, Celebrating 50 Years of Beatles Music
I Ought to Behave (and other Naughty Songs)
Rentboy, the Musical (The Cocktail Version)
Damaged Care: The Musical Comedy About Health Care in America
How Jerry Herman Got Me Through Analysis
The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not me)
Notes from the Playground
Six Months for Six Weeks
It Was Me-The Lyrics of Norman Gimbel
Seth Lutnick: Sinatra and The Rabbi
Scene of the Crime
Bitches of the Kingdom!
Diamonds and Rust: Female Singer-Songwriters of the 1970's
Sandy Bainum: Something to Sing About
Diamonds and Rust, Female Singer-Songwriters of the 1970's
Judy and Liza Together Again
Inside Vickie & Nickie
Get Ready: Jackie Fornatale Sings Motown
Hole-O-Matic 2011
Get Ready - Jackie Fornatale Sings Motown
Tigers, Muses & Jasmine
Seth Rudetsky's Broadway Chatterbox
Poole Party!
Compositions...Starring David Vernon
Marquee Five in 8-Track Throwback
Misunderstood: An Unrequited Love Story
Booth & Pat: Two Guys, One Guitar, No Standards
Damaged Care: The Musical Comedy About Health Care in America
Seth Bisen-Hersh: I'll Relax When I'm Dead
Let Your Mind Roll On: The Folk In pop & Rock From the Early 60's To Now
A special tribute to As the World Turns with Eileen Fulton
Adam Sank Hosts Inside the Comic's Studio
Marquee Five
Get Ready: Jackie Fornatale Sings Motown
Then Comes Marriage
The Comedy Shenanigans of Bev and Ray
Carol Channeling, Caroling!
Broadway Bombs 2.0
Freak Magnet
Broadway Can! A Benefit Concert for The Bowery Mission
Damaged Care: The Musical Comedy About Health Care in America
Get Ready - Jackie Fornatale Sings Motown
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Kim Smith in Morphium
Then Comes Marriage
Stories We Tell Ourselves
Eileen Fulton - The Christmas Show
Lucille Carr-Kaffashan: Finding Home
Wished on the Moon: A Tribute to Dorothy Parker
Life is Wonderful
Brother, Can You Spare A -- Smile?
Angela Shultz in Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Jason Sings Jason: The Songs of Jason Robert Brown
Writer's Block
Kim Smith in Johnny Come Lately
Yardbird Suite
Bob Bergen: So Here's the Deal
2009's New Faces of Comedy
The Brill and Vicki Hour - The Oscar Special
Gretchen Reinhagen: How 'Bout Them Apples?!
The Vicki Show
O'Connor & Vogel: Found & Lost
I Was Here
Sex and Candy a Parodivas and Pals Halloween Spectacular
Devlin: The Places You Find Love
The Urban Chase: Some R Lovin
Minnie Pearl Does Broadway
Moonshine Martinis: A 60s & 70s Country Cabaret
Eric Millegan
The Urban Chase: Spring Is Sprung
Vickie & Nickie's Sizzlin' Summer Spectacular!
Lampkin Music Group presents Ben Lerman Ukelear Meltdown
Introducing Kevin Dozier
Finding Home
Cougar, the Musical (Don't Tell Mama)
Romantic Notions
Enter Night: an exploration of bedtime
Vampin' Lady: The Music of Milton Ager
Vickie Phillips: A Singer's Journey
Minnie Pearl Does Broadway
The Rick Younger Show
Booth & Pat
I Want To Make The World Laugh!
Enjoy Toshi Cappuccino
Blinka's Lessons In Love - A One Night Valentine's Day Event!
Subterranean Circus
Hottest Women in Comedy @ Don't Tell Mama
A Very Mary Christmas
The Rick Younger Show: Holiday Extravaganza
Judy Garland LIVE's Christmas Show!
The Millay Sisters -- A Cabaret
Gay & Lesbian Comedy Fest!
The Millay Sisters
Why Am I Not Famous Yet?
Elaine Joyce: Second Time Around
Bonner's Boomers
Two For the Show (Don't Tell Mama)
Judy Garland LIVE!
Teresa Fischer: Lightening My Load
Neurotic Tendencies
RAY JESSEL: Songs From The Ridiculous To The Romantic
Serenading The Moon: Songs of Love and Lunacy
An Evening of Music and Comedy
Got a New Pair of Shoes
Terri-Marie Michaels: Got a New Pair of Shoes
Comedy All Stars
New Faces of Comedy
Teresa Fischer: Lightening My Load
I'll Take Summer
It's Madame with an E!
A Judy Garland Christmas...Live!
The unBalancing Act: A Cougar of a Musical
Beyond the Music: The Songs of Charles Bloom
Gay and Lesbian Comedy Fest!
2006's New Faces Of Comedy
Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They're Not Out to Get You
Tiger, Muses & Jasmine
Neurotic Tendencies
Friday Night Comedy Fest!
Judy Garland LIVE!
If a Girl Isn't Pretty - Pagoda Girl 3
Chanukah in July!
Marylin Harris
Hello, Boys!
Teresa Fischer: So Many Tangents...So Little Time
Goodnight Songs
Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli Live!
Judy Garland & Barbra Streisand LIVE!
Witches In Bikinis
REVIVAL! The Gospel According to the Fabulous Pink Flamingos
Roar With Laughter!
Booze, Beer, Bombing and... Other Dignity Snatchers!
Suburban Glitter
Matt Sigl: Unstuck in Time
Under The Influence
ComedySportz Stands Up
A Very Bette Christmas
Gay & Lesbian Comedy Fest
Chanukah @ Don't Tell Mama
The Misadventures of the Wholesome Twins
Eileen Fulton Holiday Cabaret Show
Nancy Witter: Behind The Bits!
Overnight Sensation
Judy Garland LIVE!
Ragtime Jimmie: The Music of James V. Monaco
Billy Does Broadway
Matthew Holloway "WANTED: Young Man Single And Free!"
Hello, Boys!
Dignity Check, Please!
Nova: The Musical
Chanukah in July
Andrea Liacos: Defying Gravity
Christina: Something to Talk About
The Marilyn Tapes
Miss Peggy Lee: "I Can Sing a Rainbow" Gay Pride Concert
Stage Hogs
Paul L Martin: Big Fruit
The Money Shot 2: Here We Come Again!
The Next Big Broadway Musical!
Dignity Check, Please!
Miss Peggy Pope's 2nd Farewell Appearance!
Jewish Comedy Fest
Miss Peggy Lee in Concert
Gay & Lesbian Stand-Up & Musical Comedy Fest!
Gay & Lesbian Stand-Up & Musical Comedy Fest!
One Way Ticket to Hell
Gina Caruso: Songs From the Parlour
O'Connor & Vogel: How To Be Perfect
Ray Jessel: Life Sucks...And Then You Die
How Do We Get Here From Here? The Betty Migler Show
Remembering Susan Armour with Carol Channing & Company
Jay Rogers: A, My Name is Mary
Miss Peggy Lee in Concert: My Heart Belongs to Me
Six Degrees From Richard Skipper
Peggy Pope
New Year's Eve Poole Party!
Miss Peggy Lee: 'Do You Hear What I Hear?' A Holiday Celebration
3 Tenors in Search of an Act -- The Holiday Edition
Judy Garland Christmas Show
Christmas Radio Hour
Joshua Scheer: From Russia, With Love (42nd Street Plays Moscow)
Gina Lamparella: Where You Are
Judy Garland LIVE: I Could Go On Singing!
Indian Comedy Fest
3 Tenors in Search of an Act
Jay Rogers: A My Name is Mary
Michael Conley: Hello, Boys!
Spaghetti and Matzo Balls
An Evening with Dottie Burman
3 Tenors In Search of an Act
Natalie Slipko: Makeup Your Mind!
Yuriko's Pagoda (Don't Tell Mama)
Chanukah in July!
Miss Peggy Lee & Me
Different Dreams Different Times
Alexandra de Suze: Following My Voice
The Next Big Broadway Musical
Judy Garland & Mitchell Olson Live!
Stephanie Youell: You-ell Never Get Away From Me
The Two Svengalis
Miss Gulch Returns!
Lorinda Lisitza and Michael Vaccaro: Too Many Johnsons
J. Cameron Barnett: Mama Told Me Not To Come
New Faces of Comedy
Cindy Karp
Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli Live!
Rose Levine
Let's Duet
Windows of Lucidity
Valentine's Day Comedy Fest
Andrea Liacos: The Life of the Party
Jana Robbins
Natalie Slipko: Make Up Your Mind!
Regina Jabbour: Female Trouble
Holly Penfield: Holly's Hot Spot
Eva Laddas: One Love
Andrew Gans
Andrea Liacos
Judy for the Holidays!
Teri Noel: Downsized...
Connie Pachl & Bill Daugherty
Women of Note
Gashole VI: MORE MORE MORE of the mess that was the 70s
Rob Sutton: Taking the Wheel
Jennifer Klein: SWF Seeking...
Mary Stout: Mary Sings Miller
Daphne Shawn: What It's All About
Talent in Motion's Variety Hour
Janelle DeMarzo: Magic
Short Stuff
The Money Shot
Moira Danis: Double Rainbow
Mimi Cohen presents Neo-Cabaret
The Way to Your Heart: The Words and Music of Lawrence Rush
The Human Heart
Marta Heflin: Time Capsule
And Then She Dumped Me...A revue of original break up songs
Tom D'Angora: Divas I've Done
David Colbert: Keeping My Composer
Gashole V: Summer Wind
Susan Neuffer
Altar Ego
The Human Heart
Uptown Express: All By Ourselves
The (Belated) Big Barry Birthday Bash
Chanukah in July!
Quinn Lemley: The Heat Is On!
Jeff Harnar: Dancing in the Dark
Let's Make It a Night
The Arrangement
Erich far
Rob Sutton: Taking the Wheel
Heather E. Cunningham
Lucille Carr-Kaffashan
Georga Osborne: Summer in the Attic (Some're Not)
Telly Leung: Let Me Sing
John DePalma: Wouldn't It Be Good?
An Evening with Jennifer Roberts
Jenifer Kruskamp
Lorinda Lisitza: Songs in the Style of Weill
Jeanne Resua: Turn on the Heat
Shauna Hicks & Her 70's Mix
Jennifer Pace
Jackie Draper
Robin James
Troilus & Cressida
Rick Skye: A Slice O' Minnelli
Nikki Van Cassele & Angela Scollo
Morag McLaren
Lindsay Hamilton: Straight from the Heart
Ice Gasholes...The Next Decade
Peter Yawitz: Talk Like a Guy
Slightly Irregular
Jerusalem Love
Tooth & Nail--A Cabaret Vaudeville
Build Me a Bridge
Let it Be Me
Jeanne Resua
Joan Crowe's Politically Incorrect Christmas Show
Simply Barbra - A Christmas Show
My Doris Day
Tommy Femia: Judy for the Holidays
Ain't We Got Fun?: A Love Story About Looking For Work
Joanna Mintzer: What's Not to Love
Deck the Halls with Friends of Parker
The Chaos Theories
Georga Osborne
The Comedy All-Stars
David Gurland: The Gurley Show
Teri Noel
Michael Vaccaro: Back to Broadway
Marnie Baumer: Animato in G
Vickie Phillips: Different Dreams, Different Times
Sharon DiCostanzo
Elaine St. George
O'Connor & Vogel: Guy & Doll
Michael McAssey
Melissa Langton and Maryanne McCormack
Bumping Umbrellas
Parker Scott: Awaiting You
Me To A Tee
Ariel Cinii and Friends
Sarah Deleo
Kooky Tunes
Rick Skye: A Slice O' Minnelli
Michael Vaccaro: Back to Broadway
Crazy World
Here I Am: A Musical Personal Ad
Trevor Stohn: Give Your Father Some Cheese
Peggy Lee Live!
Take Me to the World
Ariel Cinii
Glen Charlow: Loving Lucy
Walk This World: The Words and Music of Tracy Stark
Acid Cabaret
Nathan Martin
One Night Stand (Without the Guilt)
Marina MacNeal: This Time
Different Dreams, Different Times
Chanukah in July!
Joanna Mintzer
Robin James
From This Day Forward
A Slice O' Minnelli
Thursdays with Peggy
TRU Faces of 2002
Awaiting You
Goldie Dver: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...
The Big Barry Birthday Bash
Altar Ego
Wayward Son: A Not-So Fairy Tale
Page Sampson: First Person Singular
Dina Brody
Moira Danis: First Childhood
Keith Thompson's Kooky Tunes
Lennie Watts: Give My Regards
Jessica Hendy: A Life to Call Your Own
Michael Griffo: My Name is (Still) Michael
Leigh Finner: At Last
Sue Casson: English and in New York
John DePalma: The Song is Mine
Vickie Smith
Lucille Carr-Kaffashan: On My Way to You
Lorinda Lisitza: Songs in the Style of Weill
Sam Rossi: It Hurts to Be in Love
Alexandra Billings: Off Broadway Baby
The Next Big Broadway Musical!
Kelly McGee: Funny!
Sam Servello
Liz McCartney
Jason Wynn & Jill Cathleen Johnson: Use What You Got
Nanci Gaye Bradshaw
Joan Crowe: The Devil in Miss Joan
Who Do I Have to F@%# to Get a MAC Award?
Mardie Millit: It's Love! *(or a damn fine facsimile)
Gina Caruso: The World Is In My Arms
Christine Pedi--Forbidden Divas
Tommy Femia in Judy Garland Live: Judy Sings Broadway
Jeanne Resua: From Memphis to St. Joe
Tessa Bell: Men, Money, and Madness
Rhonda Ayers: One Foot in the Grave
Judy & Liza Live
Nothing in Common
Karen Mack and Michael Holland: Gashole, the Wit and Wisdom of the 70s
Michael Holland and Karen Mack: Gashole
Christopher Caswell: Hold On
Comedy All Stars
Manhattan Towers
Left, Out, and Not Right
Lennie Watts and Scott Coulter
Carol Channing + 2
Judy and Liza for the Holidays!
Whose Holiday is it Anyway?
Bernard Granville: Silly, Sassy Sweet
Sammy Goldstein: So Far It's Wonderful
James Beaman and Goldie Dver: Crazy World
Ten Jumps Ahead of a Fit
Chelsea Plumley- Angel in Training
Beginnings: The Music of Brett Kristofferson
Renee Pellacani: Dare to Dream
Isn't It This
The Polish Diva from Milwaukee
Alison Jijear
Sigrid Sunstedt: Marlene Revisited
Jarrod Cafaro: Bliss
Chris Caramelli: If I Ruled the World
Mama's Family!
Diane D'Angelo
Jeanine Tolve: Rock This Country
Johnny Clearfield's Cash on Demand
3 Nights of Verbal and Musical Candy
John Flynn Goes in Search of the Great American Cabaret
Whiskey Bars: a Kurt Weill Revue
Tim McArthur's New York Ding Dong
Anne Steele: Control
Mama's Girls!
Laura Burkell
Lynn Paynter: Need Matching Shoes! Please Help!!!
Jolley on the Spot
Alice Lynn: Listen to My Story
Katy Grenfell: Brave and Crazy
Lisa Viggiano: The Bun is in the Oven
Julie Corbett Leon: Stronger Woman Number
Funny...Sheesh Alternative Improv Show (28)
Uptown Express
Karren Dille: My Foolish Heart
Trevor: The Arena Mega-Musical: The Revival
Macabaret--A Tabloid Fable
Wendy Coates: Journeys
Come Up 'N' See Me!
Boy, Oh Boy
I Heart New York
Wrong! Songs My Mother Wouldn't Approve Of
Vickie Smith: With a Smile and a Song
Monday Nite Madness
Valerie Lemon: The Way of the Heart
Funny...Sheesh Alternative Variety Fest 22
Beyond the Apron
Sammy Velvet's Christ-Mas Cabaret
Funny...Sheesh Alternative Variety Fest 20
Tom Schmid: Had It Only Begun
Let Me Say This About That
Lisa Richard
Julie Nemitz: Let Love Lead the Way
David Sisco: Here I Am
Ron Seykell
Falling Up
Funny...Sheesh Alternative Variety Show 18
The Miseducation of Miss Varla Jean Merman
Courtenay Day: Something Cool
No Matter What Happens
Big Barry Birthday Bash, The
It's a Gas!
Life to Call Your Own, A
Life, Love, Lust
Simply Barbra 2000
I Need a Life
Unexpected Songs
Everything Must Go
Blonde Leading The Blonde, The
Boy, Oh Boy!