Rebel Without a Cause

1hr. 45min.


Fifty years after James Dean and Natalie Wood made cinematic history in the film version of Rebel Without A Cause, Barely Balancing Artists Group brings this classic story to The Lion Theatre at Theatre Row. Set in the 1950s, Rebel Without A Cause is the story of Jim Stark, a lonely, conflicted teenager from a "good family" who finds himself in yet another new town, trying to make sense of his surroundings and finding nothing but trouble and a mixed bag of friends. In a whirlwind period of twenty-four hours, Jim discovers true love and great tragedy. Jim Stark is often referred to as the first accurately represented teenager in film, and he remains the ultimate representation of a misunderstood youth growing up in a modern world. The stage version of Rebel Without A Cause was written by James Fuller from the screenplay by Stewart Stern, which was originally adapted by Irving Shulman from a story by Nicholas Ray. The play is co-directed by Brian Stites and Joshua Coleman.

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