Rated P for Parenthood

1hr. 30min.



This was the third show I saw during my theater weekend over Presidents Day. This was definitely the best! It was fresh and funny, and the cast was amazing. I loved the prom night number, mostly because my dad was a big sobber at events like birthdays and my wedding. This is what they did so well with this show. I laughed and laughed, but I was also touched. Also, the set was beautiful, and the Westside is my new favorite theater!

I would actually recommend this show

I went with my girlfriend and her family thinking this was going to be corny and dripping with sentimentality since I'm not a parent (nor do I plan on becoming one for quite some time if at all). I was surprised to see that it's really just a hilarious take on real life circumstances. The songs were really funny and the actors, wow, how do they do it? There's only four of them throughout the whole show but I walked away as if I saw an entire ensemble. I was really impressed with the music, every song is done in a different style. They had a rap song and a song akin to opera. All the different styles of music (and probably over 20 songs in an hour and a half) definitely do NOT leave you wanting. There were a couple of sentimental songs that weren't my favorite, one of them being the husband singing to the wife in the morning. My girlfriend grabbed my hand during this song and almost squeezed it off (I saw her mom doing this to her dad too). I have to say, I would definitely recommend this. It's a fun experience for everyone. I want the sound track when it comes out because who doesn't want to do karaoke to the song that goes: "When a man...wants to watch...the gaaaaame" haha! Definitely worth it, it's not that expensive too from what I hear (girlfriend's parents bought the tickets). Only warning (for males): wear a padded glove of some type if you're going with a significant other! Haha,