Plums in New York

Opened Aug 15, 2004
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In Plums in New York, playwright Anna Rosa Sigurdardottir plays Gudrun, a young woman exploring August Strindberg through her own writing. One night, she dreams of deep purple plums ready for harvest in New York City. This leads her on a pilgrimage to New York, in hopes of finding meaning behind her dream. Through her desperate attempt to make sense of her vision and her writing, Gudrun loses a tenuous grip on reality and with it, her ability to separate fact from fiction, dreaming from waking. Hungry for clarity, she deconstructs Strindberg's philosophy that all of life is an experiment until ultimately, Strindberg's spirit literally inhabits her body. This performance poses questions about nature, definition and reality of reality and toes the fine line between what constitutes madness vs. creative genius.

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