Play Dead

Opened Nov 10, 2010
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Teller (of Penn & Teller) and Todd Robbins invite Death out to play in Play Dead, a new spirit-shaking Off-Broadway show that explores themes of death, darkness and deception. As the guide for the evening, Todd Robbins draws audiences into an unknown haunted world full of frightful surprises and diabolical laughter. Although very much a theatrical work, it is hardly a typical "play," but rather a dramatic, unnerving thriller - here and now in an "abandoned" theater, illuminated by a single ghostlight - in which audiences test their nerves and face their fears as they are surrounded by ethereal sights, sounds and even touches of the returning dead - all achieved by wry, suspenseful storytelling and uncanny stage illusions.

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Play Dead to End Off-Broadway Run July 24 - Jun 15, 2011

PHOTO FLASH: Dick Cavett, Penn & Teller, Michael Riedel, Todd Robbins at Play Dead Opening Night - Nov 11, 2010

Play Dead - Nov 10, 2010

Teller and Todd Robbins' Play Dead to Begin Off-Broadway Run on October 21 - Aug 16, 2010

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