Pinocchio: The Italian Musical



RE:Pinocchio Poo

Not sophisticated enough for adults nor having quiet charms suitable for kids. Felt like I was watching a Simpsons spoof of a bad rock musical. As portrayed by this performer, Pinocchio was an A.D.D. afflicted, effeminate, hard to love brat from the get go. Music by I Pooh was pretty pooh pooh. Jiminy Cricket all Fosse pose, little sincerity & a mouthful of fast throw-away sentiments. All grand power chords or sentimental drivel. Recorded orchestra tracks were way too loud & ironically The Rienzi Foundation for hearing impairment had a page in the program with the heading "There are so many ways to make a difference." Representative of everything we discourage in the performing arts which confuses audiences with visual extravagant punch but little dramatic simplicity or power.