Phantom - the Real Story

2hr. (1 intermission)


Ok ,not the greatest

This was well worth 2 hours of my time and I really enjoyed the scoring percussion and a cello and fun instruments including key chimes and this fun little wind blowing thing. The music overall is a little bit hard to take at times but once again performed very well by the musicians. The acting is uneven but fairly good. It is not, in fact, boring. The main problem with this show is that it has a huge Broadway production that has the same story line and looms over the show, making similar sounds and musical motifs seem borrowed for example there are times when it seems like the new score is commenting or quoting Broadways Phantom. As for the performers on stage, the young actor playing Raoul did an excellent job and was in good voice. Other performances were more uneven, but all the performers seemed to be working hard and trying to convey both their characters and story lines.


This is a little gem of a show. The acting is great, the plot is good and closer to the original than its much vaunted predecessors. Sure there are some slight production hitches which is not suprising in such a small space but they do not detract from the excellent performances by all the cast and the small but very effective orchestra. Perhaps the ending is drawn out a bit more than dramatic effect really requires but at no time is this boring or tedious and I think that the whole production and acting team have done a great job. Believe me, you can pay a lot more for a lot less. This show could easily move to a bigger venue, I hope it does

Superb production

Every facet of this show is excellent. Strong acting, witty script, great music, all of this makes for a memorable entertainment experience. The addition of a chorus further enhances the production.

Superb Production

Every facet of this show is excellent. Great family entertainment. The actors are winderful, especially the actor who plays the title role. The show keeps the audiences attention. Clever, witty script. The music is splendid. A extra special feature of this show is the chorus.

RE:Great Production

This is a truly unique musical with a spectacular cast in an historic downtown theatre. This production is true to the original story. Each cast member is perfect for their role and provides musicality to the story. You will have the experience of hearing real voices. There is no need for amplification in the intimate Players Theatre. The audience can actually see the musicians. It is very organic and authentic.